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    1.      Resources Development Strategy
    In nonferrous metal resources field, NFC commits itself to develop cost effective large scale nonferrous metal resources projects both home and abroad, starting to extend its businesses into downstream metallurgical and upstream exploration projects. Under this strategy, NFC has developed projects of a variety of metals, strengthening its anti-risk ability.           
    2.      Resources Development Scope
    a. Varieties
    Traditional key metals for NFC:  Pb, Zn, Cu, bauxite and rare earth.
    Also interested in: Au, Ag, Ni, Co, Sn, Pt and rare metals.
    b. Focus Areas
    NFC actively develop resource projects in countries that have stable policies and health investment environment where NFC has already had successful experience, such as Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Australia and Canada.
    NFC is also searching opportunities in geologically distant or new markets like America, Central Asia like Kyrgyzstan, and Indonesia, carrying out when timing is mature.                                               


    3.     Other Capital Investment

    The main purpose of NFC’s other capital investment is to enhance its strategic cooperation with financial institutions and enterprises, to improve its anti-risk capability, to share the returns on the present and future capital investment, and to alleviate the negative impact imposed on corporate performance by the periodic fluctuation of nonferrous metal industry through being involved in the long-term capital investment in financial and other industries.

    4. Major Investment Projects

    a. Minsheng Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Beijing, Minsheng Life Insurance Co., Ltd. is one of the six nationwide insurance companies under the direct supervision of China Insurance Regulatory Commission (Abbr. CIRC). Also it is the first nationwide professional life insurance company in China mainly dealing with private capital upon the approval by CIRC and registered in State Administration for Industry & Commerce of the People’s Republic of China (Abbr. SAIC). Up to now, NFC holds 13.7% shares of Minsheng Life Insurance.

    b. 40% Equity Investment in Philippine Equimark-NFC Development Corporation

    The project got approved in August 1997 with the resolution by the fifth session of the first board meeting and with the order (no. 257 1997) issued by the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (Abbr. SASAC), and started in October of the same year. As Equimark-NFC Development Corp.’s partner in Philippine, Equitable PCI Bank is one of the top ten banks in Philippine. The main scope of its business includes real estate development, mine and trade. 6,400 sqm2 land purchased in 1989 at Makadi, which is near the financial street of the downtown Manila, now is its main assets. At present, the project company is working together with a well-known local real estate developer on the joint development of this project and hopefully will get payback in the next few years and certain economic returns as well.

    Contact Person:Zhang Junming