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    News Release

    Qin Junman attends the 4th session of the Seventh Council Meeting and 2018 Annual Conference of CHINCA

    Source:NFC    Publish Date:2018-12-18

    On December 5th, the 4th plenary session of the Seventh Council of China International Contractors Association (CHINCA) was held in Jinan, Shandong Province, attended by more than 300 representatives from more than 140 Council Members across the country. Mr. Qin Junman, Executive Director of NFC, attended the meeting and announced, as Vice President of CHINCA, the enterprises rated 3A of corporate credit in 2018.


    On the sideline of the meeting, Mr. Qin Junman attended a forum on oversea project contracting held under the auspices of former Vice Minister Chen Jian of the Ministry of Commerce, introduced the company's overseas projects and investment businesses and put forward relevant policy recommendations, which has been recognized by the meeting.


    On the eve of the Meeting, Executive Director Qin Junman was also invited to participate in the Shandong Foreign Economic Conference hosted by Mr. Sun Jiye, the Vice Governor of Shandong Province.