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    HR Policies

    We adhere to the principle of taking people as priority, strictly comply with national and local laws and regulations, and protect our staff’s legal rights. The harmony of labor relationship also provides a sound foundation for the development of NFC.
    We have a sound and reasonable remuneration and performance management system, which is under continuous improvement with the cooperation with experienced consultants. To be equal, fair and open in value creation and distribution effectively promotes our staff’s morale and creativity.
    We attach priority to people and cherish the life, health and safety of our staff. Safety trainings such as on work, traffic and fire are held annually to all employees. Workers on site are protected with necessary precaution equipment. Furthermore, physical examinations and sport-meetings are also organized annually. 
    We provide training courses on occupational qualifications, work skills, and comprehensive capabilities for our staff. The trainings help to foster a highly capable and creative team, and are further enhancing NFC’s comprehensive management level.
    We encourage our staff to participate in establishing and improving the human resources policies and regulations by full commutation and open supervision.
    At work, an NFCer should always hold good-faith and be honest.
    An NFCer should fully perform his/her work and social duties, contributing to the realization of NFC’s company vision.
    We appreciate mutual understanding and help among our employees and solidarity of our staff, forming the joint efforts from individuals into the motive force of the company.
    We respect every employee and cherish his/her contribution, and we help every NFCer to fulfill his/her career plan。