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    Company Profile

     Since the establishment of China Nonferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd. (NFC in short) in 1983 upon the approval by the State Council, NFC has committed itself to project contracting and nonferrous metal resources exploitation in global market for years. NFC was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (code 000758) on April 16, 1997 after assets restructuring.

    As a large international environmental friendly enterprise with scientific management system, high qualified engineers and representative offices worldwide, NFC’s business covers a wide spectrum of nonferrous metal project execution ranging from engineering, consultancy, equipment supply and installation, technical service, commissioning to personnel training. Holding resources integration capability and overall strength, including market development, design, investment and financing, resource exploration, project management, and equipment supply network based on competitive edges of set equipment and talents in this field as well as support from the government. During the entire process of nonferrous metal resources development, NFC always takes environmental protection as its priority and adheres this principle in each process of production for the best use of natural resources, promoting social and economic development as well as creating harmony between human and nature.

    NFC focuses on nurturing its core competitive edge and has established distinguished capabilities on social resources integration and large-scale nonferrous metal project management. NFC has established its major markets, which are Central and North Asia centered with Kazakhstan, Central and South Africa centered with Zambia, and neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Mongolia, North Korea, Indonesia, and Philippines. With the resources development steadily moving forward, a resources development pattern has been set up, consisting of Mongolia resources base, Chifeng strategic resources base, south China rare earth resources base, Laos’s bauxite resources storage base. Meanwhile, NFC is positively seeking for further projects related to resources in the developed mining capital markets like Australia. With its continuous development and stable increase of total assets and operating ability, NFC has entered the Shenzhen 100 Stock Index and Shanghai-Shenzhen 300 Composite Index.