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    Message from the Chairman

      Chairman's remark

        As the first batch of enterprises “going global”, NFC upholds its business philosophy of "sincerity and integrity, mutual understanding, mutual trust and mutual beneficial in cooperation" since its establishment in 1983. Relying on the overall advantages of China's nonferrous metal industry and giving full play to its technological and talent strength, NFC has gradually grown into a leading enterprise in international cooperation of China's nonferrous metal industry, and has become one of the world famous international engineering contractors.

        In recent years, seizing the strategic opportunity of the "Belt and Road" initiative and international capacity cooperation, NFC has advanced businesses of international project contracting, resource development and Eco-tech cooperation in nonferrous metal industry, leaving footprints in more than 50 countries across the world. In particular, a number of nonferrous metal related projects with international influence are invested or built by NFC in more than 20 countries and regions along the Belt and Road.

        Looking forward, we will persist in becoming better and stronger, ride on the opportunities to the top and strive to enhance the status of NFC as the international contractors with global influence and the mining company with fame in the field of nonferrous metals. At the same time, we will continue to engage actively in practicing social responsibility as a public listed company, reward shareholders with outstanding business performance, contribute to the society and achieve value for the company and its employees!

    Chairman: Qin Junman