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    CIAC Alumina

      China International Alumina Development Co., Ltd.

    China International Alumina Development Co., Ltd. (CIAC) is hold by NFC. Engaged in the exploration and exploitation of the Aluminum, Lead, Zinc and other nonferrous metal resources in the world. The core business is Geological Exploration, Feasibility Study, Project Environment Evaluation, Project  Financial, Product Contracture and Training . Focused mainly on Africa, South Asia  and Oceania. CIAC Chairman: Mr. Wang Hongqian, President: Mr. Qin Junman.   

    Sight  view of  Laos  Bauxite Tenement


    Add: NFC Building,10 Anding Road,Beijing 100029, P.R.China

    Tel:  010-84427820
    Fax:  010-84427820

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     Copper Ore from Africa