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    NFC Pump

             NFC (Shenyang) Pump Industry Co., Ltd.


    1. Background

    NFC (Shenyang) Pump Industry Co., Ltd. (NSPI) is a holding subsidiary of NFC. Diaphragm pump project opening ceremony was held in Shenyang Economic and Technical Development Zone on 28 August 2009, further strengthening the cooperation of CNMC and NFC with Liaoning provincial government and Shenyang municipal government.

    2. Featured Products
    Third-generation SGMB double-cylinder double-acting diaphragm pump and DGMB triple-cylinder single-acting diaphragm pump have features of high availability and reliability, long service life of over-current protection circuit, high concentration and viscosity, high temperature of medium, environmental friendly and energy-saving. Diaphragm pumps integrate mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, transmitter, instrument and material top technologies. Its technical performance, automation level and wearable parts are on the advanced world level.

    Major Technical Parameters:
    Triple-Cylinder Single-Acting Series: flow rate 15M3/h~650M3/h;pressure 7MPa~25MPa
    Double-Cylinder Double-Acting series: flow rate 25M3/h~700M3/h;pressure 1.5MPa~7MPa
    Code: Q/JSSJ02.0399 Technical Specifications of Reciprocating Diaphragm Pump

    Figure 1. Solid-Liquid Bi-Phase Medium Diaphragm     pump
    Figure 2. Diaphragm Pump as a Recent R&D Result


    Add:No.9,16 Street,Ecnomic and Technological Development Area,Shenyang,Liaoning 110141,P.R.China
    Tel:024-25284305  Fax:024-25284305