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    Zhujiang Rare Earth


              Guangdong Zhujiang Rare Earth Co., Ltd



    Guangdong Zhujiang Rare Earth Co., Ltd. (former Guangdong Zhujiang Smelting Factory) with separation capacity is 3000t/a is one of the backbone enterprises engaging in rare earth industry in China. NFC holds 72% of the total equity as the biggest shareholder.

    Guangdong Rare Earth Co., Ltd. has engaged in rare earth separation and processing for over 40 yeas with unique technology and has received good reputation both home and abroad. Main products include various single high purity rare earth oxides, functional materials, rare earth metal and other rare earth compounds, leading the sale volume and market share in China.

    Guandong Zhujiang Rare Earth Co., Ltd. is a high technical enterprise with abundant technical personnel, with unique features in production process, technical equipment. In 1998, it received ISO 9001 certification. ZHUJIANG brand has become one of the most well-known brands in global rare earth market.

    Add:Fenglebeiheng Road,Huangpu District,Guangzhou,Guangdong 510700,P.R.China