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    Southern Rare Earth

    NFC Southern Rare Earth XinfengCo., Ltd.

    NFC Southern Rare Earth (Xinfeng) Co., Ltd. is established jointly by NFC (76% of total equity), Jiangsu Zhuoqun Nano Rare Earth Co., Ltd., Changshu Shengchang Rare Earth Material Co., Ltd. and Xinfeng Fengyuan Development Co., Ltd. on August 20th, 2008 with registered capital of RMB 300 million, aiming at effectively integrating rare earth resource utilization in south China.
    Located at Xinfeng County in Guangdong province, which is rich in rare earth resource, NFC Southern Rare Earth (Xinfeng) Co., Ltd. will be built into the largest ion-type rare earth separation enterprise in the world with the design capacity of 7000t/a. With advanced production process, modern management and sophisticated technology and equipment, the company will be built into a model project in rare earth industry.