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    Tsairt Mineral




    Tsairt Mineral Co. Ltd. is a joint venture co-invested by NFC (51% of equity) and Metalimpex Company (49% of equity) in the Republic of Mongolia, registered in Barun Urt, Sukhbaatar Aymag with initial registered capital of 100,000 USD.

    The company processes an open-pit zinc mine named as Tumurttin-Ovoo zinc mine and a concentrator with the capacity of 300 kt/a ore treatment, which were constructed by NFC as general contractor from May 2004 to August 2005. By the end of July 2009, the company has produced totally 2,220,20 ton of zinc concentrate.

    Tsairt Mineral is a model taxpayer, provides more than 450 job opportunities to local Mongolians, and actively takes part in programs for public welfare such as sponsoring 20 needy local university students every year, donations and construction of local infrastructure, promoting local social and economic development significantly. The construction and operation of Tumurttin-Ovoo zinc mine has been appraised as model project of Sino-Mongolian cooperation by Chinese and Mongolian central governments.







    Add:Tumurtiin-Ovoo Zinc Mine, Sukhbaatar Sum, Sukhbaatar Aimag, Mongolia.
    Fax:00976151231111(Mongolia)  010-84427826(China)