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    SMMC Machinery


             NFC (Shenyang) Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd.


    NFC(Shenyang) Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SMMC), a holding subsidiary of NFC, is a backbone enterprise engaged in heavy machinery and equipment manufacturing in China’s ferrous and non-ferrous, metallurgy and mining sectors and as well as a manufacturing base of China’s aluminum industry, with machining capacity of 31kt/a. Currently there are over 3,311 employees in the company, of which 343 are engineers, 162 are technicians, and 13 were granted special government allowances by the State Council.

    In recent twenty years, SMMC has been awarded three national patents including diaphragm pump crankshaft, national gold quality medal, silver quality medal and scientific and technical progress medal on 19 products. With the qualifications to design and manufacture state-level pressure vessels, SMMC was awarded ISO9001 quality system certification in 1999, ISO14000 EMS certification and OHSAS18000 certification in June 2008.

    With competitive technology and advanced equipment, SMMC is capable of foundry and forging, machining, heat treatment, physical and chemical analysis, and R&D as well. CAD, finite element analysis, cast solidification simulation analysis, automation PLC, AC and DC tuning, computer monitoring and etc. developed by SMMC have been applied to various products. SMMC has been dedicated to R&D, covering a wide range from scientific research, design and manufacturing to installation and commissioning, and after-sales services. Not only is SMMC a heavy machinery manufacturer, but also, it is a equipment and spare parts supplier for chemical industry, electric power industry and etc.

    SMMC’s leading products include aluminum producing equipment featured by PTM, accounting for 70% of domestic market, and rotary kiln for baking desiccation used in Myanmar Tagaung Taung nickel project, and include metallurgical and mining equipment like Ф5.1×24.5m drum-type kneader, 360m2 sintering machine, Ф2.2m spring and Ф84″ hydraulic cone crusher and Ф4×6.7m ball mill. SMMC’s products have been exported to dozens of countries, including the United States, Canada, Ice Island, India, Japan, Brazil, Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Norway and Myanmar.

    Add:No2,Shenliao Road,Ecnomic and Technological Development Area,Shenyang,Liaoning 110141,P.R.China 

    E-mail: smmc@smmc.cn

    Fax: 024-25810150         

    Tel: 024-25505555

    Website: http://en.smmc.cn/