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    Chifeng Kumba


            Chifeng NFC Kumba Hongye Zinc Co., Ltd.


    Chifeng NFC Kumba Hongye Zinc Co., Ltd (CNKH) (former known as Chifeng Smelter, established in 1992, put into production in 1995, initially with capacity of 25kt/a zinc ingot, 38kt/a sulfur acid) was established in 2003 and launched Phase II refurbishment and expansion project, with designed capacity of 50kt/a zinc ingot and 90kt/a sulfuric acid. In 2006, NFC and South Africa Kumba Base Metal (China) Co., Ltd. jointly invested and founded CNKH and launched Phase III refurbishment and expansion project. At present, the total assets of CNKH amount to RMB 1.2 billion, with zinc production capacity of 110kt/a and sulfuric acid of 230kt/a.

    CNKH has professional technical team, experienced management team and staff with strong sense of team spirit. Over years, CNKH has won the titles of “One of China’s first demonstration companies in management and innovation”, “Autonomous region-leading company in management and innovation”, and “Autonomous region outstanding enterprise in development and innovation”.

    CNKH has competitive world-leading technologies, such as the hydrometallurgical zinc smelting process, specifically “acid heat leaching with alum as the clarifier to remove the iron”, bringing down contamination to a great extent. Such process is well-established and reliable to keep the production stable and bring down the operational cost, which has been granted invention patent certification by China’s Intellectual Property Bureau. Besides, CNKH is among the first batch of companies in its industry that passed GB/T19001 certification, GB/T24001 EMS certification and GB/T28001 OHSAS certification. CNKH is also the only one whose products have been maintaining 100% top-grade rate, sales rate and payment collection rate in a ten-year’s row among all its counterparts. In recent years, CNKH has been honored as “outstanding enterprise in autonomous regions of Inner Mongolia” in 2006, “nationwide leading company in quality” and “one of the top 30 industrial enterprises in autonomous regions of Inner Mongolia” in 2007.

    At present, with the sustainable support from Chifeng municipal government and all the shareholders, Phase IV expansion project is now under construction. With an additional 100kt/a zinc production capacity and 200kt/a sulfuric acid production capacity, the total capacity of CNKH will reach 210kt/a zinc production and 430kt/a sulfuric acid, which will make a great contribution to local economic development.

    Add: Hongye Avenue,Hongshan District,Chifeng,Neimenggu 024000,P.R.China

    Tel:  0476-8210118