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    NFC Real Estate


            Beijing NFC Ansha Real Estate Management LLC.


    Founded in 1998, Beijing NFC Ansha Real Estate Management LLC. is a holding subsidiary of NFC with registered capital of RMB 1.1 million.

    Ansha Real Estate runs its property management for NFC Building, entrusted by NFC, providing services for clients in accordance with management consignment contract. With the business principle of “displaying the functions of property to the maximum for value maintenance and appreciation”, Ansha Real Estate has cultivated an excellent and professional management team with the customer-oriented services and cost-effective target, with safety as its priority, attaching a great importance to training assessment. The NFC Building run by Anshan Real Estate recently has won the title of “Outstanding Property Management in Beijing”.

    Add: NFC Building,10 Anding Road,Beijing 100029,  P.R.China
    Tel: 010-84427900
    Fax: 010-84427900