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    Pursuing Excellence

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    NFC’s businesses spread over more than 40 countries and regions and has 23 secondary and affiliated companies both home and abroad, being recognized internationally as a renowned brand in the industry. ]NFC has formed its major markets in the Middle East, Central and North Asia, Central and South Africa and China's neighboring countries, establishing its resource bases of lead-zinc, rare earth and bauxite, as well as its equipment manufacturing base. NFC has been included in the Shenzhen 100 Stock Index for several years consecutively, was awarded as one of the 20 most competitive listed companies in China in 2008, and has been listed on the authoritative U.S. professional publication Engineering News Record (ENR) as one of the top 225 international contractors and top 200 international design companies for several years in a roll..
        NFC will continue to innovate and persue excellence as a trustworthy partner for all of its clients.

    • Khatoon Abad Copper Smelter, Iran
    • KAS Aluminium Smelter, Kaxakhstan
    • Workshop of KAS Aluminium Smelter, Kaxakhstan.
    • Dariba Lead Smelter adopted with Chinese patented technology, India.
    • KCM Shaft Sinking Project, Zambia
    • Faryab Ferroalloy Plant, Iran.
    • Bozymchak Cu/Au Concentrator, Kyrgyzstan.
    • Arak Aluminium Smelter, Iran.