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    Implementing Integrity

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    NFC adheres to the principle of "Life-long Service for Projects and Customer Satisfaction", undertaking many key nonferrous metal and infrastructure projects, many of which are governmental cooperation projects, in countries such as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Russia, Australia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, India, Iran, Iraq, Jordan and Zambia.These projects are the practice of NFC’s value of "Long-standing Commitment to Good Faith, Innovation and Excellence", receiving recognition from governments of project countries and gaining honor for NFC.

    • Chinese and Russian premiers witnesses the signing of EPC Contract for Ozernoye Lead and Zinc Project.
    • Chinese and Kazak premiers witnesses the signing of EPC Contract for Aktogay 25mt/a Copper Concentrator Project.
    • The president of of kazakhstan celebrates the completion of KAS Aluminium Smelter Phase II Project with NFCers.
    • The 5th anniversary of Mongolia Tumurtiin Ovoo zinc mine.
    • The then president of Iran attends the completion ceremony of the Khatoon Abad copper smelter.
    • The then general secretary of the communist party of Vietnam attends the completion ceremony of the Sin Quyen copper mine.
    • AAA credit grade by China Int emational Contractors Association.
    • AAA Credit Grade by China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Machinery and Electronic Products(CCCME).