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    Business Overview

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    Founded in 1983 and listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1997, NFC has involved itself in nonferrous metal resources development, engineering contracting, equipment manufacturing, and related trading & service both home and abroad for over two decades, ranked 271st on China Top 500 in 2014.
        With its professional teams of design, consulting, engineering and construction, NFC has completed a great number of nonferrous metal exploration projects, mines, concentrators and smelters, equipping itself with related trading and metallurgical machinery manufacturing capabilities. The good performance as a listed company guarantees a direct fund raising capacity from stock market and a reliable reputation among banks, both of which providing NFC affluent capital support.

    • NFC’s engineering company possessing a number of Grade A Qualification Certificates --- China Nerin Engineering Co. Ltd (Nerin).
    • Open pit mine
    • Zinc flotation workshop
    • Zinc potroom
    • Nonferrous metal trading
    • Online roadshow for allotment of NFC stock
    • Diaphragm pump for long-distance slurry transportation